Ph.D student in the Guglielmo Lab


I'm a PhD student in the Guglielmo lab studying migration physiology. I'm interested in how birds are prepare and support high intensity exercise required for migratory flight and how nutrition may influence their performance. To do this, I'm examining global changes in the flight muscles of yellow rumped warblers during migratory season and flight using transcriptomic and proteomic techniques. I'm also interested in testing hypotheses surrounding the influence of dietary fatty acids on muscle physiology and endurance exercise. I'll be testing whether or not n-6 and n-3 long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids influence flight performance and capabilities.

Specialized skillsEdit

Max metabolic enzyme activitiesFatty acid analysis - GCAnimal nutrition and husbandryWind tunnel userDifferential protein expression - in developmentDifferential gene expression - in development